Why Tri?

Growing up, I struggled constantly to uphold the appearance of normality. As I got older, the harder something sounded, the more I wanted to accomplish it. I was first introduced to the sport of triathlon as a camper at Kanakuk Kamps. It was the hardest of all the “specialities” a camper could choose from.  Naturally, I took on the challenge.

After high school, I stopped working out as much, and in retrospect, my health reflected it.  I completed my first sprint triathlon in April of 2009, but after getting hospitalized in June I realized that for me, working out is more than working out. For me, training is closely connected with my quality of life both emotionally and physically.  I do triathlons to live, and I live for the challenge.



  1. Incredible…you are incredible! I admire your determination; I’m thankful for your determination. My 16 year old son has CF and we’ve tied his running into keeping healthy as well. He’s stated he’ll NEVER do a triatholon (he’s watched a friend compete in one)…so maybe there’s hope since he did say NEVER. Continue to push on! You are an awesome example and I praise God for you!

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