Posted by: Kayle | January 30, 2012

A Much Needed Update

Hello all! It’s been quite the last few weeks complete with ups, downs, triumphs and defeats. Sound dramatic enough for you? 😉 Don’t worry, I won’t keep you waiting.

I’m currently beginning my 4th week of the Red Coyote Newbie Program. The first week went by pretty much without a hitch. But going into the second week I had a couple of sleepless nights. You know those infuriating nights when you lay in bed all night wide awake only to fall asleep 5 minutes before your alarm goes off?

Ya. That was fun.

Unfortunately, when your body is as high maintenance as mine tends to be, going into a work week with very little sleep is a recipe for disaster. By the end of the first day, I had lost my voice, couldn’t breathe and was achy all over. So, I went into survival mode. I skipped the Thursday and Saturday workouts, went to bed insanely early every night, and upped my treatment regimen. By Sunday I was feeling much more human and decided to complete one of my CFit strength workouts.  On Monday I was able to make up Thursday’s run without any problems. Whew! All in all, I didn’t get through all my my CFit goals (which includes treatment goals, running, and strength) but I was pretty pleased that I was able to accomplish most of them without killing myself.

I was a little nervous about completing Tuesday’s (Week 3 Day 1) run since I had skipped the Saturday workout.  But, I went to the gym (it was raining outside and the last thing I need is pneumonia) and cranked out the prescribed intervals no problem! I didn’t even have to hack up half a lung in front of the extremely grossed out gym patrons! (It’s the small things in life people.) I think that was the first time in a year that my body took a hit, recovered and jumped back on pace! 😀

This past Saturday, I participated in the BALTO 1 mile fun run. My goal was to run the entire mile without stopping so as to keep pace with my 1mile per month goal.  I was nervous about it because the program only had us running 2 minutes at a time leading up to the event. How in the world was I going to pull out 12-13 minutes straight?  It was a cold and windy day on Saturday, but at least the sun was out. We ended up having to listen to all the 5k awards before starting our race so I got to stand outside much longer than I had anticipated. By the time we finally got going, I couldn’t feel my hands or my feet. Tim, my sister Logan, and I took off behind the family with a little girl (5 yrs maybe) who was the CF exhibit (ambassador?) for the race. I was absolutely terrified of getting that little girl sick. The route took us up and back down a gradual incline. Near the top of the hill I ended up needing to walk for about 2 minutes and construct my customary trail of lugies. But then I was able to finish out the race. Tim told me afterward that I ran 5 minutes, walked 2, and then ran another 5.5 minutes with a fairly solid “kick” to finish. My total time was 12:30.  Not too shabby with a hill and a short walk break! I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t run the whole mile, but at the same time I’m ok with this result. I was able to run twice as long as I had been previously in less than ideal conditions and up a hill. I think I’ll call that a success. 🙂

My upper body this week was another story. When you grow up playing soccer and running cross country, your arms don’t exactly get a lot of action. Looking back, I wish I had played at least one sport (like tennis or volleyball) that worked out my upper body. As it is, I’m rather lopsided in terms of fitness. My poor arms were sore ( I did 40 whole pushups!) up until Thursday and I still had two strength workouts to complete before Monday’s skype call with my coach, Ronnie. Now, I’m sure they’ll be sore again until Thursday this week. I’m not sure if I’m a weeny or if I’m working them too hard. It’ll be a discussion point this afternoon I’m sure. 0_o

Alright, on to the stupidly emotional part of my week. As I’ve said before, I am a person who lives for making goals. My goals are constantly on my mind. If I’m not careful, I’ll spend half the night breaking down long term goals into monthly, weekly, daily stepping goals. I’m a pyscho. I know.  Unfortunately, life does not always cater to

the sometimes rigid standards or schedules I hold myself to.  Yesterday, Tim and I found out that the Las Vegas trip we have been planning forever to celebrate his brother’s 21st birthday conflicts directly with the culmination of my newbie running program.  That is, the Run Lucky 5k. The Vegas trip had already been booked, and was unrefundable.

So, being uncharacteristically girly, I burst into tears. I mean, I wasn’t going to get to finish the program with my “classmates!” I wouldn’t be in any of the victory pictures! The world clearly does not want me to succeed so why am I even doing this?!?

Sounds rational right? It was.  Oh but it was. *Sigh*

After freaking my poor husband out for about an hour, I decided that the best solution was to participate in the Deer Creek 5k the week before we go to Las Vegas. That way, I can tell the pyschotic, over-competitive part of my brain that I have not only met my goal of running a 5k by March 11th, I have SURPASSED it! HA HA!

Seriously…I have a problem.

So now, that is my goal within my other goal. Does that even make sense? Oh well, you get the idea.

That about catches you up on everything! Until next time…


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