Posted by: Kayle | August 16, 2010

TWU Tri Race Report

Exactly one week after the Lighthouse Tri, I completed my second triathlon of the season.

I have to admit, my two main reasons for registering for this tri were: 1) it was in Denton (close) and 2) I got a tech shirt instead of a t-shirt. What can I say? I’m easy to please. 🙂

The distances for the race were: 300m swim (50 meter pool), 17 mile bike ride and a 5k run.  Going into the race, I made only a few modest goals for myself since I didn’t know how I’d do having done a tri only a week before. My goals were:  1) freestyle the entire swim  2) finish the bike leg in under an hour  and 3) run (not walk) the entire 5k.

Once again, Tim was there to support me. He came down that Friday, and on Sunday he drove with me to Denton. We actually got to the race site before transition opened (that NEVER happens) and I was ready to go about an hour before the race actually started.

The 50m pool was outside so the water was really warm! I wasn’t sure how I’d do with a longer pool since that means less pushing off the wall. As I was waiting to get in, everyone around me was talking about how much harder a 50m pool is to swim in. “Great” I thought, “Just great”.  When it was finally my turn, I jumped into the warm water and took off at an easy pace. To my great surprise, I actually loved it! The lanes were really wide so no one was trying to swim over me, and the longer pool length allowed me to get into a pretty good rhythm.  I ended up freestyling the whole way (yes!) and managed a time of 6:46.

The first transition took FOR EV ER. During the Lighthouse tri, I biked and ran without socks because I didn’t want to mess with putting on my socks after the swim. But, this gave me a blister on my foot because my shoes are not fancy and have seams on the inside.  😦  So, for this tri, I decided to try the socks. Well, apparently I am not the sharpest tool in the shed because for some reason, without drying my feet at all, I forced my feet into socks immediately after the swim. Needless to say my T1 was ridiculously long.

The bike leg was a 17 mile out-and-back course with moderate hills along some of Denton’s back roads. The out leg was a lot of fun. It was mostly downhill with the wind at my back. I think I averaged about 20 mph (ya ya I know I’m slow) the entire leg!  The back portion however, was another story. It was more uphill and the wind was unfortunately at my face instead of my back. I also have issues remembering to drink while I’m on my bike so by that time I was hot and my butt was cramping.  So, after a few hills of pain, and several butt cramps, I finished the bike in 1:02:15.

By the time I set off on my run, I was starting to get that cold-not sweating feeling so I decided I probably should drink water at every station in order to finish in one piece and without a heat stroke.  So I took off at my slow 11 minute mile pace determined to keep it until the finish line. Aside from the run feeling longer than it was, I did it without much trouble at all! I passed a few people who had to walk, and got passed by a few. I finished the run in 36:42 which was faster than the last week but still really slow.  Tim was at the finish line to greet and congratulate me, and although I was happy to see him, I went straight over to the refreshment tent and chugged a power aid before giving him a hug.  🙂

So basically I met 2 of my 3 goals. I freestyled the entire swim, and I ran the whole 5k but I didn’t manage the bike in less than an hour.  All things considered (read: my inability to consume liquids and butt cramps) I’m pleased with how the race went. It’s a another step in the right direction, and right now, that’s all I’m asking for.

Tim was kind enough to drive us back to my apartment so that I could sit in the passenger seat and chug muscle milk, water and power aid. I didn’t realize that I was going to get a finisher medal, so I made him take a picture of me with it when we got home.  🙂 Makes me feel special.

My next race is the Old College Tri in Denton on September 5th. I haven’t quite figured out what goals I’m going to have for that race just yet, but I’ll be sure to include them when I do. Until then…

Carpe Diem!



  1. I am seriously impressed, coming back from all the medical issues that had you barely able to walk a hill to class to TWO triathlons, congrats on breaking the barrier and getting healthy again.

    • Thanks. Sick isn’t who I am. I just needed to prove that to myself. 🙂

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