Posted by: Kayle | January 22, 2010

Potential Transition and Tentative Race Schedule

Lately I’ve been contemplating a transition to bike commuting. Distance-wise, I think it’s possible.  I live about 3 miles from the clinic where I have class, and about 4-5 miles from my summer externship/doctor’s office. My issues however, are these:

  1. I carry a TON of stuff to school everyday
  2. I don’t want to ride in the dark
  3. On the days I have clinic, I actually have to look nice, and I travel around the city
  4. Traffic scares me.

As it is, I don’t think I can manage commuting to  clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays because I have to carry even more things and I have to go to different Headstarts across town. However, since I don’t have to be at H.S. until 10, I could probably use my bike to commute to and from the pool for a workout.  I guess at this point, school commuting on Tuesdays/Thursday is really a logistics issue. Maybe I could get a basket and hybrid tires for my mountain bike? Thoughts?

Also, here are my weekly totals:

Sunday: 1.24 miles…already reported

Monday: 20 minute trainer ride- felt good, wasn’t a push this time like it was last week but my legs were sore from the day before

Tuesday: .86 mile run- legs still stiff, the plan said .5 miles but I’m bad at judging distances. Took it slow

Wednesday: 25 minute trainer ride- I freaking love my trainer.

Thursday: 30 minute trainer ride- I decided to switch up the end of the week schedule to accommodate my budding social life

Friday: Off. My social life has officially thrown off my routine.

Saturday: Tim is coming into town and wants to run together. I can’t decide whether to make this my “long” run or not. It’ll be 1-2 miles regardless.

I’m starting a swim routine next week which will change my schedule a bit. The pool doesn’t open until 7 am making early morning swims somewhat impossible. Since Mondays and Wednesdays are my latest starting days, I’m going to make those my swim/ run or bike days. Mondays will be swim/soccer (run) days and Wednesdays I’ll swim and bike. That’ll make Tuesdays bike days, Thursdays run days, and Fridays swim/bike day.  Saturday will remain an off day while I’ll keep my long runs on Sunday.

Finally, without disclosing too many specifics yet, I have a list of potential races for 2010.

February: Cow Town 5k

March: Duathlon

April: Bike Tour, Half marathon

May: Sprint Tri

June: Sprint Tri

July: Duathlon

September/October: Olympic tri

I haven’t planned anything beyond October yet. Just a couple comments: Yes I know the schedule is ambitious, no you probably can’t talk me out of the half marathon, yes I know I’ll be broke.  That’s all for now!

Carpe diem



  1. Its good to hear your getting better and the training has improved. Its nice to have that trainer around, gives you instant workout with out having to travel anywhere.

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