Posted by: Kayle | January 15, 2010

Feelin Good in the Neighborhood!

Well, for the first time in what seems like forever, here are my weekly totals!

Monday: 10 minutes on the trainer- I hadn’t done very much of anything aerobic in forever.  It was hard.

Tuesday: rest- Had to be at school at 8:30 for a meeting

Wednesday: 13 minutes on the trainer- I felt stronger, breathing more under control

Thursday: 15 minutes on trainer- I felt like I could’ve gone longer, but I woke up late and I’m trying to take this slowish.

Friday: 20 minutes on trainer-  I felt/feel like a million bucks! This time frame was enough of a jump from yesterday that I had to push, but not enough that I’m totally exhausted now. In fact, I feel energized and refreshed!

First of all, I know that at the beginning of this week I started at rock bottom. I mean, 10 minutes on the bike is nothing to be proud of.  What I’m really excited about is how quickly my body is responding to working out. On Monday, it was a struggle to get to 10 minutes, and today 20 mins. was completely enjoyable. I doubled my time (and I guess distance since my pace is steady?) in less than a week! I realize this trend can’t and probably shouldn’t continue for much longer (doubling distances every week may not  be smart) but it’s an encouraging start.

I’ve settled into a routine that has been working. Basically I wake up, take my pills w/some juice, do my nebs, work out then go to school.  I really like having already worked out while at school. It makes me feel productive and oddly relaxed. On a slightly nerdy note: I have discovered the amazingness that is Greek Yogurt. It’s richer, thicker, creamier, and has more protein/less sugar than American yogurt. I eat it with fruit and granola mixed in. So tasty!

Since I’d really like to run the Cow Town 5k on Feb. 27th, on Monday I’m going to start one of those “Couch to 5K” six week plans. That means I get to buy new running shoes this weekend (get excited!!).  I can’t decide whether I should take an off-day this weekend before I start double workouts on Monday (the plan starts w/walking mostly so I figured I could still ride).  If I should take an off-day, which day; Saturday or Sunday?  What do you think?

P.S. I joined the rec. league soccer team I was on last Fall for the Spring season.  Should be fun!

Carpe diem



  1. Nice work this week

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