Posted by: Kayle | October 23, 2009

Progress Report: Week 3 The Fight Continues…

I’m not sure whether to count the last week as a success or not. On the one hand, I have finished all of my antibiotics and am down to the occasional allergy medicine and my normal cf maintenance medications not feeling too bad.  On the other, as you may have guessed, I don’t feel well either. I’m also still losing weight. I’m eating a ton of food whether I’m hungry or not, adding salt, and even eating some candy (gasp!).  So it’s really disheartening to watch the number on the scale continue to go down (slower now but still).

Obviously then, since I refuse to give up, I’m taking the next step.  When I was little, like many cystic fibrosis patients, I had to take enzymes to help me digest my food.creon10Unusually, I seemed to grow out of it and haven’t taken them since I was about 12. Well, I emailed my doctor today and together we decided to put me back on enzymes. My doctor is also advising me to get tested for cf related diabetes since I seem to be displaying many of the symptoms. I’ll be honest, the idea of diabetes really scares me. I’m hoping and praying the enzymes do the trick and help me to gain the weight that I need to have healthy lung function and exercise again.

Speaking of exercise, my friend Jessica recently told me a few things that completely boggled and continue to boggle my mind. Jessica and I trained together for our first sprint triathlon last April and since then she’s gone on to complete several other tris including an olympic distance! 6652_706631303137_9603360_40557999_5934014_nFirst, in her blog she actually said I motivated HER. Now, how in the world can a gimpy, coughing-fit-having-can’t-walk-up-a-flight-of-stairs girl be any kind of inspiration for a girl who went from not being able to run for 30 seconds to doing an olympic distance triathlon in less than a year? Seriously. I’ve been jealous of her success and determination all year long. Then, last night in a text, she told me that she had emailed the cystic fibrosis foundation and they’ve told her they want to help her raise money for the cf foundation by racing in my honor. WHAT?! I have no idea how to react to that. I’m humbled and honored and embarrassed and  completely dumbfounded to say the least. I haven’t even come up with something appropriate to say to her about it. I mean,  it just seems like one of those situations where “thanks” just doesn’t seem to cut it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a great support system from my family and more recently, Tim.  Their support though is more like a quiet assurance that yes, I can do whatever I want to do and they’ll be there to catch me and build me back up if I fall. Cystic fibrosis was never really (at least to me) an overt part of how my parents supported and raised me. I’ve never had someone openly declare cystic fibrosis in the process of supporting me like Jessica does. I still don’t know exactly how to handle that kind of support. I may have been diagnosed at 3 months, but only recently have I really started interacting with and (dare I say it?) identifying with the cf community.  I do know though that I’m grateful and honored beyond words for what Jessica is doing and I can’t wait to get out there and race with her.

That’s all for now.  Meds won’t be in until Monday so unfortunately the great experiment can’t continue until then. I’ll keep you posted.

Carpe diem!


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